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Introducing our newest single-cup experience.

Organic branded beans

Turn every cup into an experience.

Craft Roasted to Perfection

We roast daily in small batches so we can manually control all stages of the roasting process. We roast by hand and maintain strict quality control to ensure a consistent cup each and every time. We pride ourselves on delivering fresh, complex coffees with every order.


Born in Singapore in 2012, after years of passion and studies on single-origin coffees, roasting, precious waters, machinery and senses, EB Espresso Bolognese wants to release the concept of high quality, authentic italian Espresso all over the world.

Our name evokes precisely this vocation: Espresso, the noblest genuine method for coffee extraction, and Bolognese, the typical cooking art of our home town, whose fame reigns on all international menus.

As now for us, it’s that simple and familiar: the best espresso comes from sensual coffee blends, genuine water and a precise work.

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We're offering our guests something extra.

Espresso Bolognese provides professional espresso machines that are produced 100% in Italy, calibrated on our blends, very easy to install, maintain and use.

We also chose italian waters with special characteristics (highly basic, minimum content of sodium and nitrates, rich in good minerals and oxygen) to reduce acidity and perfectly match with our coffee blends.

Espresso Bolognese is the first company to offer its customers around the world a real Italian Espresso System, with exceptional coffee blends, italian waters and espresso machines.


We love nature and its beauties: coffee is very rich in potassium, magnesium, calcium and azote, and its minerals can help nourishing and protecting plants and flowers.

Espresso Bolognese blends are enclosed in E.S.E. paper pods, totally compostable and ecologic.

We provide espresso machines with the lowest energy consumption rate, and recommend the use of pure waters, with optimum basic pH.

Every EB espresso is the nurture for your brain, garden, and soul.

In #Espresso We Trust

At EB BoX 52 – Mercato delle Erbe in the historical center of Bologna, Italy – you will find Espresso Bolognese coffee blends – EB TOP, EB RED, EB DEK, EB MOK – freshly ground (for moka and V60 Brewing) and in E.S.E. paper pods, to be used with the dedicated Tube® espresso machines. For all preparation, we only use Acqua Dolomia, queen of italian waters: highly basic, rich in oxygen and good minerals.

To enrich the range of products on sale, Espresso Bolognese offers a fine selection of teastisanescocoasconfetti and coffee dragés, but also drinks and premium liquorsartisanal beer and wines from Bologna hills and EmiliaRomagna terroir.

EB BoX 52 is a perfect place for your Bologna shopping!